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Glossario (Inglese)


administrative wing (jōjū 常住)

1. The term jōjū, literally "always" ( 常) "staying" ( 住), refers to anything - buildings, furniture, icons, scriptures, ritual implements, tools, etc. - that is the permanent property of a monastery and must not be removed by an abbot when he/she leaves office and moves to another monastery. 2. Because management of such property was the concern of monastic officers known as administrators (kusu 庫司), the part of the monastery where they lived and worked-the administration hall (kudō 庫堂) or kitchen-residence (kuri 庫裡)-and the offices themselves became known collectively as the "permanent property" area or administrative wing. In Zen monasteries today, the practice wing of a monastery, as opposed to the administrative wing, is sometimes called "inside the hall" (dōnai 堂内); that is a reference to the sangha hall (sōdō 僧堂) or meditation hall (zendō 禪堂) where monks practice zazen and may also take meals and sleep.