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Glossario (Inglese)


Baddabara Bodhisattva (Baddabara Bosatsu 跋陀婆羅菩薩)

S. Bhadrapāla. Also called Kengo Bodhisattva (Kengo Daishi 賢護大士). A bodhisattva monk who is said to have attained awakening upon entering water. His image is enshrined as the protector of the bathhouse (yokushitsu 浴室) in Zen monasteries. Baddabara appears in the Great Buddha's Ushnisha Ten Thousand Practices Heroic March Sutra (Dai butchō mangyō shuryōgon kyō 大佛頂萬行首楞嚴經). The name Bhadrapāla is also translated into Sino-Japanese as Resolute Defender (Kengo 堅護) and Good Defender (Zenshu 善守).