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Glossario (Inglese)


bathe Buddha (kanbutsu 灌佛, yokubutsu 浴佛)

The "pouring water on" (kan 灌) and "bathing" (yoku 浴) of "Buddha" (butsu佛). This is most commonly performed in conjunction with Buddha's birthday assembly (buttan e 佛誕會), popularly known as the "flower festival" (hana matsuri 花祭). An image of the newborn Buddha (tanjō butsu 誕生佛) is set in a bowl in a flower pavilion (katei 花亭, hana midō 花御堂) that represents the Lumbini grove where Shakamuni was born. Participants ladle sweet tea (amacha 甘茶) over the image. →"bathe," "Verse of Bathing Buddha."