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Glossario (Inglese)


Daigen Shuri Bodhisattva (Daigen Shuri Bosatsu大權修理菩薩)

A monastery-protecting spirit (gogaranjin 護伽藍神) enshrined in the earth spirit's hall of virtually every Soto monastery and temple in Japan today. His full name is Jōhō Shichirō Daigen Shuri Bodhisattva (Jōhō Shichirō Daigen Shuri Bosatsu 招寶七郎大權修理菩薩). He was originally the earth spirit of King Ashoka Mountain (Aikuōzan, C. Ayuwangshan 阿育王山), a large monastery that Dōgen visited in China, and was adopted by Dōgen as a protector of Eiheiji. →"earth spirit."