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Glossario (Inglese)


Eka (Eka 慧可)

C. Huike. Eka is regarded as the leading dharma heir of Bodaidaruma, founder of the Zen lineage in China, who became the second ancestor (niso 二祖) of the lineage. He is variously referred to as: the Second Ancestor in China (Shintan niso 震旦二祖); Great Master Eka (Eka daishi, C. Huike dashi 慧可大師); Most Reverend Eka (Eka daioshō, C. Huike da heshang 慧可大和尚); and Great Master Shōshū Fukaku ( Shōshū Fukaku daishi, C. Zhengzong Pujue dashi 正宗普覺大師). For the story of Eka's initial encounter with Bodaidaruma, → "wonderful achievement of the snowy courtyard."