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Glossario (Inglese)


nirvana (nehan 涅槃, jakumetsu 寂滅, naion 泥洹)

S. nirvāa. 1. Escape from the round of rebirth or samsara (rinne 輪廻). The complete cessation of all becoming; an exalted state entirely beyond karmic conditioning. 2. The state attained by Shakamuni Buddha upon his death. 3. In Mahayana texts, the freedom from attachment to and suffering in the round of rebirth that results from an insight into the emptiness of all dharmas attained by a bodhisattva, despite the fact that he/she remains in rebirth to save other beings and still feels compassion for them. 4. The death of Shakamuni Buddha. 5. A euphemism for the death of any ordinary human being.