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Glossario (Inglese)


Verse Upon Hearing Mallet (Montsui no ge 聞槌の偈)

The signal for setting out bowls (tenpatsu 展鉢) at the start of a formal meal is a blow on an octangular wooden block made by a "mallet" (tsui 槌). The great assembly of monks then gassho and chant:

Buddha was born in Kapilavastu,
attained the way in Magadha,
preached the dharma in Vārāνasī,
and entered nirvana in Kuśinagara.
bus-sho kabira  佛生迦毘羅
jo do makada  成道摩掲陀
sep-po harana 説法波羅奈
nyu metsu kuchira 入滅拘絺羅

For a discussion of these four episodes in the traditional life of Shakamuni Buddha and the significance given them in Soto Zen, see ☞ "Shakamuni."