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The Buddhist Service Series (Inglês)

There are various facilities, tools and events used at temples in Japan. Here are some of them.

  • Hondo (Main Hall) (Inglês)

    Hondo is the main hall of a regular temple. It is a place where the statues of the Buddha, Tathagatas, or Bodhisattvas are enshrined.

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  • Memorial Service Etiquette (Inglês)

    There is an important meaning to the manners of the Buddhist memorial service, such as gassho (palms together), bowing, offering incense, and juzu (rosary).

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  • Narashimono (Buddhist Musical Instruments) (Inglês)

    A temple has various musical instruments which together are called narashimono.

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  • Kuyō (Inglês)

    Kuyō means "to make heartfelt offerings of incense, flowers, candles, food" and so on to Buddhas and bodhisattvas, as well as to the celestial gods who protect Buddhism.

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  • Hōji (Inglês)

    "Hōji" is a word we generally use to refer to periodic Buddhist memorial services that are performed on set dates for people who have passed away.

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  • The Butsudan: A Family Buddha Altar (Inglês)

    A family Buddha altar isn't simply a place to enshrine and honor our family ancestors. The inside of the altar represents Mt. Sumeru, the world where Buddha resides, and Shakyamuni Buddha is the main image enshrined in the center of the altar.

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