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Worldwide Soto Zen - Taking the One True Dharma to All People

About 780 years ago, Dogen Zenji introduced righteously transmitted Buddhism into Japan. Thereafter, owing to the great efforts of Keizan Zenji, the teachings spread to people all over Japan. Today Soto Zen has large numbers of believers both in Japan and throughout the world. Great effort on the part of overseas priests has in part accounted for this success, which at the same time proves that our Two Founders’ teachings have universality that transcends nation, race and time.

This first issue of Soto-Zen Net includes messages from kokusai-fukyo-sokan (directors) in Hawaii, North and South America, and Europe on the past and present of Soto Zen in their regions and on goals for the future.

  • 夏威夷办公室(英文)
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  • 北美办公室(英文)
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  • 南美办公室(英文)
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  • 欧洲办公室(英文)
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  • Soto Zen Buddhism International Center(英文)
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