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  • 佛教的烹饪(英文)
    In Present-Day Society We Need to Make Eating Our Practice
  • 钵(应量器)(英文)
    The Form of the Dharma that Appears in the Etiquette of Oryoki
  • 食谱(英文)
    Shojin Ryori is a way of cooking food that is used in Zen monasteries all across Japan. As an introduction to Shojin Ryori we have prepared a few recipes, that are simple and quick to do, as well as being healthy.


  • Vol. 1: 佛教烹饪——粥(英文)
    The person in charge of cooking in a Zen temple is called the Tenzo.
  • Vol. 2: 寺院为来客提供充满温暖关怀的一餐(英文)
    Preparing the monks' daily meals is an important practice of the tenzo (temple cook)
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