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SOTOZEN.COM > Templos de la Esucuela Soto Zen > Templos de Soto Zen para extranjeros en Japón (Inglés) > Nan'yoji Details

Templos de Soto Zen para extranjeros en Japón (Inglés)

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Soto International Zen Center

499, Handa, Kawanishi-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara-ken 636-0206

phone: +81(0)745-43-1459 fax: +81(0)745-43-1459
* Please inquire by email or fax.

Nan'yoji Details
Head PriestRev. Keiho Nishigaki
Website ---
E-mail nanyo-k4@nexyzbb.ne.jp
AccessCar: 10 mins from Horyuji interchange on the Nishi-Meihan Expressway. Train 1: 10 mins by taxi from the Kintetsu line Hirahata station. Train 2: 5 mins by taxi (30 mins walk) from the Kintetsu line Yuki station. Train 3: 15 mins by taxi from JR Horyuji station. Train 4: 15 mins by taxi from JR Oji station.
Meditation day Details
Meditation daySaturday(3,4 times a month)
Time8:00pm-9:00pm (includes tea break)
FeeVoluntary, free(for ordinary meditation meeting)
InstructorHead priest
OtherAccording to schedule (issued 3-4 p.a.). Please contact us beforehand.
Meditation lecture dates Details
Meditation lecture datesSesshin Dec 1-5 (every evening 8:00pm-9:00pm, with tea break)
FeeVoluntary, Free
OtherPlease inquire.
Lecture Details
Sermon day(Zazen and sermons) Please inquire.
ContentPlease inquire.
FeeFrom ¥3,000
LecturerHead priest, Toudou (lecturer in the Soto school of Buddhism, director of Zen meditation dojo.)
OtherSutra-copying sessions
Accommodation (no. of beds)c.8 (max.)
Accommodation fee (per night)¥5,000 - ¥10,000
Other Nan'yoji Temple Soto International Zen Center activities
  • Please inquire in advance. Public accommodation also available.
  • We do not limit ourselves to Zazen sessions, but try to cater to participants' desires as much as possible. We therefore also run study classes and children's Zazen sessions, cooperative projects with the surrounding area, and cross-cultural exchanges. Our policy is to transcend religion and work most actively in those areas that benefit most strongly from the power of meditation. Use of a temple is not just for religious practitioners and parishioners. Rather a temple is where anyone should feel free to drop in on. Homestays are also possible (we keep a regular list of registered host families.) Stays by small numbers of people for just a few days are also possible. We also offer the opportunity to experience Japanese culture, with instructors in kendo, judo, dance, and more.
    In addition, since 1996 has been conducting three day pilgrimages from August 30 to September 1 every year following the steps of the zen master Dogen. Starting in Kyoto City and finishing in Eiheiji Temple in Fukui Prefecture, it takes the form of "a walking zen meditation."