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A Dialoge Between Two Soto Zen Nuns
Rev. Shundo Aoyama and Rev. Konjin Godwin (영어)

A dialogue video on the theme of "SDG Development Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality" was created for the Soto Zen Buddhism Religious Office's SDG activities.

Rev. Shundo Aoyama
Seido, Daihonzan Sojiji
Abbess of Aichi Senmon Nunnery or Nisodo

Rev. Konjin Godwin
Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
Houston Zen Center, Shounji, Kokusai Fukyoshi(International teacher)

Part1: Thinking About Gender Equality

Part2: Listening with Humility to "Differences"

Part3: What Happens When Men and Women Practice Together?

Part4: "Don't Discuss Gender"

Part5: A Message to Future Priests

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