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Bowl Washing (Inglés)


Procedure for washing bowls is as follows.
First, taking care not to let sleeves of one's robe touch bowls, receive water in main bowl (nowadays this is hot water). To receive it, hold main bowl in both hands, with bowl swab in right hand. Having received it, set bowl on bowl stand and use a clockwise motion of the swab to wash the inside.

Next, pour water into first nested bowl. Holding swab in right hand, rotate main bowl with left hand in such a way that swab thoroughly cleans it, outside and inside. Put swab down on first nested bowl and, still holding main bowl in left hand, take bowl wiping cloth (dishcloth) in right hand and cover main bowl with it. Then hold main bowl in both hands and, revolving it clockwise, wipe and dry it with cloth.

Gently squeeze bowl wiping cloth and place it briefly in main bowl, so that nothing but one corner of it sticks out. Next, place main bowl on bowl stand. Wash spoon and chopsticks in first nested bowl, using swab, and wipe them with bowl wiping cloth without removing it from oryoki. When finished, put them away in utensil bag and lay it down horizontally behind first nested bowl (between first nested bowl and oneself). (It is not allowed to wash nested bowls, spoon, or chopsticks inside main bowl.)

Next, wash first nested bowl in second nested bowl. First, lift swab and first nested bowl together in left hand. With right hand, take second nested bowl and move it to the place where first nested bowl had been sitting. Then pour water into second nested bowl. Wash first nested bowl, dry it, place it inside main bowl, and put bowl wiping cloth inside it.

Next, wash third nested bowl (and if it was used, fourth nested bowl). Having wiped third and fourth nested bowls, stack them and set them down on right side of placemat and put bowl wiping cloth back into first nested bowl.

Next, wash swab, wipe it on one corner of bowl wiping cloth inside number one bowl, place it inside utensil bag, and wait for disposal of rinse water. Until the bowl water is disposed of, it is not permitted to do such things as fold one's wiping cloth; do not throw away excess bowl water beneath the platform.

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