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Verse of Threefold Refuge (San kie mon 三歸依文)

Also called precepts of three refuges (sankikai 三歸戒). Verse for taking refuge in three treasures in connection with ceremony of taking precepts (tokudo shiki 得度式).

Hail refuge in buddha.
Hail refuge in dharma.
Hail refuge in sangha.
I take refuge in buddha, honored as highest.
I take refuge in dharma, honored as stainless.
I take refuge in sangha, honored as harmonious.
I have taken refuge in buddha.
I have taken refuge in dharma.
I have taken refuge in sangha.
namu kie butsu  南無歸依佛
namu kie ho  南無歸依法
namu kie so  南無歸依僧
kie butsu mujō son  歸依佛無上尊
kie ho rijin son  歸依法離塵尊
kie so wagō son  歸依僧和合尊
kie buk-kyō  歸依佛竟
kie ho kyo  歸依法竟
kie so kyo  歸依僧竟