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Baikaryu Eisanka

The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji are learned through singing eisanka (Japanese Buddhist hymns) and practiced in accordance with vows.

Baikaryu Eisanka
(Buddhist hymns sung with bell accompaniment)

These are hymns sung in praise of Shakyamuni Buddha, Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji and with respect for our ancestors. These melodies were born out of the influence of the natural features of and life in Japan. It is a calm and gentle kind of song that is easy to sing and produces a peaceful heart and new inspiration.

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Underneath you will find 4 hymns that will introduce you to Baikaryu Eisanka, and a Sutra book containing the full version of them.


Dogyo Gowasan

Sanbo Gowasan

Shobo Gowasan

Baika Koin (a member of a group that sings eisanka)

These are people with deep faith that perform the same religious practices together, accepting others just as they are even in the midst of a world where everyone has different tastes and preferences. They introduce the teachings of Buddhism to many people and learn techniques for getting along well with others. There are around 175,000 members throughout the world.

Baikako (religious practices within the temple)

This is a place where proper teachings can be learned in each temple beginning with the joy of song. Proper teachings are received from the scriptures and instructors and come forth in talks with friends. Many people gather at the temple to learn eisanka together and pray for one another's happiness. This is a place to share your worries and troubles with others and enjoy a wonderful time together.

We invite you to visit a nearby temple

Baikaryu Eisanka is a type of Japanese Buddhist hymn created by the Soto Zen School in 1952. When you study eisanka you will be overcome with a feeling of peace and will experience the proper way of life. You will also be blessed with hope for living and a heart of thankfulness. We encourage you to stop by a nearby temple where you will be warmly welcomed.

Baikaryu Vows

  1. We will live according to proper teachings through baikaryu eisanka.
  2. We will live in harmony with others through baikaryu eisanka.
  3. We will create a cheerful world around us through baikaryu eisanka.
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