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Soto Zen Temples

Introduced are Soto zen temples outside Japan, temples in Japan where foriegners can do Zazen, and venerable temples in Japan that we think would be a great pleces to tour.

Organization and Temples Outside Japan

Soto Zen has temples all around the world. If you would like to visit one or more of the many temples around the world, we have listed by country where you can find them.

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Soto Zen Temples for Foreigners in Japan

If you would like to visit a temple in Japan, here is a list of temples that have Zazen practices, and have people that can speak English.

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Touring Venerable Temples of Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan

We would like to present 12 temples or Monasteries that are of particular importance to Sotoshu. Great place to tour while in Japan. You can get a feel of Zen history form these beautiful temples.

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