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Soto Zen Journal

Soto Zen Buddhism International Center publishs semi-annually newsletter "Dharma Eye." It is available in PDF format.

Current Number

No.52 (November, 2023)


A Report on the 100th Anniversary of Soto Zen in North America
Rev. Gengo Akiba

On the Publication of The Soto Zen Text Project’s Shobogenzo
Carl Bielefeldt

Commemoration for 100th Anniversary of Soto Zen in North America Symposium Panelists’ Speeches
Professor Seijun Ishii, Hojin Kimmel, Koun Franz, Shinshu Roberts, Kokyo Henkel

The Life and Great Work of Keizan Zenji (2)
Rev. Ryuken Yokoyama

Sustained Practice (Gyoji) Part1
Carl Bielefeldt

My footnotes on Zazen (25)
Rev. Issho Fujita

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