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Soto Zen Temples for Foreigners in Japan

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1400, Sakamoto, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka-ken 425-0004

phone: +81(0)54-628-3487 fax: +81(0)54-628-3483
* Please inquire by email or fax.

Rinso-in Details
Resident PriestRev. Hoitsu Suzuki
Website http://www.rinso-in.com/
E-mail ---
AccessTrain: 7 mins by taxi from JR Yaizu station.
Meditation day Details
Meditation dayMorning meditation: everyday (as a rule).
TimeMorning meditation: 6:00am-6:40am; monthly meditation meeting 1:30pm-4:00pm (lecture and meditation)
FeeMorning meditation: free; monthly meditation meeting: annual ¥10,000 fee.
InstructorResident priest
OtherPrior inquiry necessary for morning meditation and monthly meditation meeting. Date/time for monthly meditation meeting, in particular, subject to change.
Meditation lecture dates Details
Meditation lecture dates---
OtherNothing extra as a rule, but possible upon inquiry.
Lecture Details
Sermon day8th of every month (as a rule)
Times1:30pm-4:00pm (including meditation time)
ContentTeachings of the "Shushogi" "Tenzo Kyokun" "Shobogenzo", etc.
Fee¥10,000 (annual)
LecturerResident priest
OtherPlease inquire
Accommodation (no. of beds)20 (If willing to sleep in meditation hall)
Accommodation fee (per night)Variable
  • Please inquire in advance. (Groups, please inquire by 6 months in advance.)
  • Kitchen, bathroom, etc. available for use when staying. Accommodation applications require an invitation and clear ID. Accommodation may be refused to those who suddenly show up without warning.