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Verse of Five Contemplations (Anglais)


Next, monks of great assembly salute food (lower head with folded hands), fold hands in dharma realm concentration mudra (left hand on bottom, right hand on top, with thumb tips touching to form a circle), and chant Verse of Five Contemplations. (Or, upon hearing mallet for completion of serving food, immediately gassho, and then while saluting food chant Verse of Five Contemplations):

We reflect on the effort that brought us this food and consider how it comes to us.
We reflect on our virtue and practice, and whether we are worthy of this offering.
We regard it as essential to free ourselves of excesses such as greed.
We regard this food as good medicine to sustain our life.
For the sake of enlightenment, we now receive this food.

hitotsu ni wa, kō no tashō wo hakari, kano raisho wo hakaru
futatsu ni wa, onore ga tokugyō no zenketsu wo hakatte, ku ni ōzu
mitsu ni wa, shin wo fusegi, toga wo hanaruru koto wa tontō wo shū to su
yotsu ni wa, masa ni ryōyaku wo koto to suru wa gyōko wo ryōzen ga tame nari
Itsutsu ni wa, jōdō no tame no yue ni, ima kono jiki wo uku
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