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Soto Zen Journal (Anglais)

Le Soto Zen Buddhism International Center (Centre international du bouddhisme zen Sôtô) publie une lettre d'information semestrielle intitulée Dharma Eye. Cette lettre est disponible en format PDF.

Current Number

No.53 (mars, 2024)


A New Director is Appointed for the Soto Zen Buddhism Europe Office
Rev. Soho Kakita

Report on the Preliminary Memorial Ceremony for the 700th Anniversary for the Daihonzan Sojiji’s Founder of Taiso Keizan Jokin Zenji in 2023
Soto Zen Buddhism International Center

The Life and Great Work of Keizan Zenji (3)
Rev. Ryuken Yokoyama

My footnotes on Zazen (26)
Rev. Issho Fujita

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