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SOTOZEN.COM > Practice > Food as Practice > Recipes > Fava Bean Puree With Chicory

Fava Bean Puree With Chicory

Fava Bean Puree With Chicory

Ingredients (serves 4)


Soak the fava beans for 12 hours (e.g. overnight). Once ready, wash well. Cook, covered in water, with the laurel on a slow heat for 2 hours, covered with a lid. Add hot water if needed. Get rid of the foam that will gradually appear ont he surface. In the meantime, wash the chicory and discard the parts that are not tender. Cook for 5-10 mins with some salt, drain and store away. To see whether the fava beans are ready, mix them forcefully using a wooden spoon. If they fall apart, theyre ready. Keep mixing until the fava beans are nicely mashed. Add some salt. Serve with the chicory on the side. Top with a little olive oil. Instead of chicory, it is possible to cook other tasty greenleaf vegetables in season.

Recipe (PDF 198KB)