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Collection of Rinse Water


When meal-announcing assistant sees that great assembly has finished bowl washing, he/she calls out “Rinse Water.” Servers proffer rinse water vessels. Monks of great assembly gassho, intone Verse of Rinse Water:

The water with which we wash our bowls tastes like ambrosia.
We offer it to the many spirits, may they be satisfied.
Om makura sai so wa ka.

gashi sen pas-sui
nyoten kan romi
seyo kijinshu
shitsu ryo toku bo man
On makura sai sowaka

Having done this, pour bowl water into rinse water vessel. When pouring rinse water, put lip of one’s bowl against inside of receiving vessel and pour in such a way as not to make any splashing noise.

Servers make mutual bows with hands clasped behind Sacred Monk’s altar, form a single line and depart hall.

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