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Soto Zen Journal

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Soto Zen Buddhism International Center publishs semi-annually newsletter "Dharma Eye." It is available in PDF format.

Current Number

No.50 (September, 2022)


On the Occasion of the 50th Issue of Dharma Eye p1
Gengo Akiba

100th Anniversary Jukai-e, Taking Refuge in the Three Treasures p3
Rev. Shohaku Okumura

A Record of a Conversation between Rev. Shundo Aoyama, Seido of Daihonzan Sojiji, and Rev. Konjin Godwin, Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center p6

Lecture on the Chapter of Kannon (Avalokiteshvra) (6) p18
Rev. Shohaku Okumura

The Old Mirror (Kokyō) p23
Carl Bielefeldt

My Footnotes on Zazen (23) p49
Rev. Issho Fujita

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